Bar Action Sidelock Breech Loading Shotguns
    Unless otherwise specified, all the guns in this section are double barrel, bar action side lock ejectors with Webley fences, automatic low beatleback safety slide, top lever actions, double triggers, nitro proof chopper lump steel barrels, game rib,  2 1/2" chambers, 29 Gracechurch Street address. Where known, ejectors are mainly Southgate pattern, forend catch is on Anson pattern and the actions have interceptor sears. Almost invariably, engraving is of high quality and 100% coverage.          
Serial No   Action Estimated Date Engraving Stock Quality & Style Weight Comments
4841 Photo 12b Bar Action. Probably renamed trade gun. Beeded Ball fences. Hidden 3rd Bite. No Gas check. Replacement 28" barrels, 2 1/2" chambers. IC & 7/8 choke. UK 100% Game scene & foliate scroll Well figured SH 15" inc. 1 1/4" ebonite extention. 6lb 10oz Attractive gun with good engraving - not Spanish. Sign on lock plates has been added so possibly renamed Birmingham gun. 5845 and '25-9' on action flats.
54598/7 Pair   20b Bar Action, Possibly Spanish. Cullum Street address. Button Safety Slide. 27 1/2" Barrels with 2 3/4" chambers. 1954-84 100% Bold Scroll Highly Figured. SH. UK Sir Joseph Nickerson's guns. Very pretty, Spanish.
54608   12b Bar Action. 25" Sleeved Barrels. Cullum Street address. UK Game Scene and Bold Foliate Well Figured Stock. SH UK  
6123 Photo 12b Bar Action. 30" Chopperlump Whitworth steel barrels, Raised rib. JBSISB forend catch. 1896-1904 100% Stylalised Vines Well Figured SH 14 1/2" UK Gun engraved SIMILAR to Boothroyd 'Shotguns & Gunsmiths' p.72. Very unusual style. Perkes ejectors. Gas checks. No date of trigger guard. Not thru' lumps.
6242/3 Pair Photo 12b Bar Action. Webley 'horseshoe' top lever. Top extension. 28" Whitworth Steel Barrels. Choked Imp & 3/8. 1902 Engraved 100% Scroll panels, Bold Foliate Border Exceptionally Figured Stock, SH. 14 1/8". 6lb 10oz Exceptional. Classic Blanch bar actions.
6309 Photo 12b Bar Action. Square top extension. 29" Whitworth Steel chopperlump barrels. 2 1/2" chambers. Choked Imp & 1/2. Through Lump. Beetleback safety slide. JBSISB forend with scroll engraving. No.1 of pair. 1903 engraved 100% Scroll panels, Bold Foliate Border Well Figured Stock. SH 14 3/4" inc 1 1/2" wood extension 6lb 10oz Fine classic Blanch bar action with good wall thicknesses.
6313 Photo 12b Bar Action. Webley 'horseshoe' top lever. Semi dolls-head top extension. 2 1/2" chambered 28" Whitworth steel barrels, probably shortened. Choked Cyl & Cyl. Replacement safety slide. JBSISB forend catch, foliate engraved. Gas check but no 'use no.'. Through front lump. 1903 Engraved 100% Scroll panels, Bold Foliate Border Well Figured Stock. SH 15 3/4" inc 2 3/8" wood extension UK Fair condition. Barrel wall thickness marginal. Some wear on engraving.
6433/4 Pair Photo 12b Bar Action. Webley 'horeshoe' top lever. Top Extension. Non Auto Safety Slide.29" Whitworth Steel Barrels. Choked Cyl & Imp. . 1905 Engraved 100% Very bold acanthus scroll Figured, Probably Orginal, SH. 13 3/4". 7lb Good condition Best London Guns. Very similar engraving to 6547, probably Kell engraved
6484   12b Bar Action. 28" Whitworth Steel Barrels. 1906 Engraved 100% Bold Foliate UK UK Dated with Roman Numerals
6547 Photo 12b Bar Action. No 2 of Pair. 29" Whitworth Steel Barrels. Choked 1/4 & 3/8. Kell engraved. 1907 Engraved 100% Bold Foliate by Kell Lovely Highly Figured SH Original.Silvers Pad. 15 1/8". 7lb Very Fine Gun. Kell engraved.
6645 Photo 16b Bar Action. 28" chopperlump BSA barrels with 2 1/2" chambers and 1/4 & Full chokes.JBSISB forend catch. 1909 Engraved 100% Bold Foliate Highly figured SH 15 1/4" inc leather covered recoil pad. UK Ver fine gun. Full colour hardening (re-coloured?) Original leather case.
6648 Photo 16b Bar action. 28" steel barrels with 2 1/2" chambers. Chokes unknown. No gas check. UK 100% unknown style Figured SH UK UK
6668 Photo 12b Bar Action. Webley Horse Shoe top lever with increased bite on rounded top extension.Disk strikers. 29" Whitworth chopper lump steel barrels, chambered 2 1/2", 1/4 choke in both. 1910 Engraved 100% Bold Foliate Scroll Well figured SH 14 3/4" stock inc. 3/4" bakelite extension. 6lb 7oz Very beautiful engraving. Possibly Kell. Left wall thickness below recommended. Forend scroll engraved. Lock stamped inside with 'famous' lock maker.
6685 Photo 12b Bar Action. 28" sleeved steel barrels. 'Whitworth Steel' and 'Centennial Model' on top rib. Patent 1212/44 on right action flat. 'J Blanch & Son Improved Snap Bolt' forend catch. Through front lump. 1910 100% Bold Foliate Scroll Figured SH 15 15/16" Entended with wood. 6lb 11 1/2oz Fine gun, possible Kell engraved.
6765   12b Bar Action. Gas Check Grooves on Breech Face. 30" Blued Damascus Barrels with Dovetail Lumps. Choked Cyl & 3/8. 1904.1925 75% Scroll panels, Bold Foliate Border Highly Figured, Extended, SH. 15 3/8". 7lb 4 oz Nice but worn.
6795 Photo 12b Bar Action. 26" Sleeved Barrels with 2 3/4" chambers and 1/2 & Full Choke. 1896-1904 80% Bold Foliate Figured SH Extended15" 6lb 11 1/2oz Well sleeved gun with some wear to stock.
6839 Photo 12b Bar Action. 28" (shortened) steel barrels chambered 2 1/2" with IC & IC chokes. JBSISB forend catch. UK 100% Bold Foliate Scroll Well figured SH 14 1/2" inc wood extension. 6lb 9oz Not viewed.
6838   12b Bar Action. Self Opener (Baker?). 30" Barrels. UK     UK  
6885 Photo 12b Bar Action. 28" chopperlump barrels, 2 3/4" chambers, 1/4 & 1/2 chokes. Rolled trigger guard. UK Foliate scroll & game Figured SH 14 1/4" stock. 6lb 12oz Attractive gun.
6917 Photo 16b Bar Action. 26" Sleeved Barrels. Choked Full & Full. Beaded Fences UK 100% Rose and fine acanthus scroll SH. Extended. 15 1/4". 6lb 3oz Attractive
6952   20b Bar Action, Probably Spanish, Assisted Opening, Hand Detachable Lock. Cullum Street address. Beaded Ball Fences with Acanthus Leaves. 'Gas Check' Grooves on Breech Face. Button Safety Slide. 26" Barrels. 2 3/4" chambers. UK 100% Very Bold foliate Scroll with Game SH. Figured. No Extension. Original. 15". UK Rather Heavy Engraving. Game Poor. Possibly signed engraver,'Do'.
6960 Photo 20b Bar Action, Probably Spanish, Cullum Street address. Beaded Ball Fences with Vine Leaves. 'Gas Check' Grooves on Breech Face. Button Safety Slide. 26 3/4" Chopperlump Barrels. 2 3/4" chambers. 3/8 & 1/2 choke. Rolled edge trigger guard. Southgate ejectors. 1954-74 100% Very Bold foliate Scroll 14 1/2" figured stock. 6lb Rather Heavy Engraving.
6965 1 & 2 Photo 12b Bar Action. Pair. Possibly Spanish. 30" steel barrels. Button Safety catch. Ball Fences. Single slot gas check. UK 100% Bouquet & Scroll, 15"SH Some fingure. No. 2 restocked. UK Pretty guns, possibly Spanish action.
6967 Photo 20b Bar action. Possible Spanish. Carved fences. UK 100% Fine Scroll, Deeply carved fences SH. Figured. 14 3/4" inc. 1/2" extension. 6lb Pretty gun, possibly Spanish action.
6981   16b Bar Action. 27 7/8" Barrels. Choked 1/2 & 1/2. 2 3/4 " chambers. UK Game Scene Figured, SH. 14 3/4". 6lb 1oz Probably Spanish Action
6985 Photo 20b Bar Action. Probably Spanish action. Carved and beaded ball fences with oak leaves. Cullum Street address. Modern gas check. Button safety. UK 1974 RP 100% Bouquet & Scroll, Oak leaves on fences Figured, SH. UK Probably Spanish Action. Full colour hardening.
6992 Photo 12b Bar Action. Southwark Street address. Webley Fences with carved Oak Leaf Motif. Button Safety Slide. 28" Barrels with 2 3/4" chambers. Choked 1/4 & 3/4. Rolled edge trigger guard UK 100% Game Scene & Bold Foliate SH. 14 3/4". 7lb 2oz Probably Spanish action. Attractive but heavy. Signed by engraver, possibly Don Simmons.
8759 Photo 12b Sidelock. Southwark St address. 28" barrels with 2 3/4" chambers. Oakleaf fences. Sprung front trigger. UK 100% Bold Foliate UK UK Made in UK' engraved/stamped on it. Also 'BGG Kent WA'. Seen in 'States
9516 Photo 12b Bar Action. Southwark St address. 27 3/4" steel barrels UK 100% Bold Foliate Well figured SH 14 3/4" UK No more details
9520   12b Bar Action. Webley Fences with Acorn Motif. 28" Barrels. Choked 1/4 & 1/2. UK Game Scene Figured. SH. 14 3/4". 6lb 10oz Spanish Action. Name etc inlaid in gold on rib