Rifled Weapons
    Unless specified, all the guns in this section are single barrelled rifled pistols or rifles with 29 Gracechurch St address.            
Serial No   Action Date of Manufacture Engraving %Eng Stock quality, Originality, Style Weight Comments
1.NVN Photo Adams patent Percussion Revolver. Cased with accessories. Nothing Else known. Seen at Las Vegas Gun Show. UK Foliate and Border 50% Chequered walnut UK Much original colour. Good condition overall.
1.NVN Photo .450 'Box Lock' Percussion Pistol, 1 13/16" 'Screw Barrel'. 'Blanch, London' on action 1830-40 Foliate 80% Walnut Slab Sided Butt UK Medium Quality
1.NVN Photo Pair of 28b Flintlock Overcoat pistols. Signed 'Blanch, London'. Octagon barrels with gold line at breech, Safety catch UK Border and Scroll 50% Figured full walnut stock. Chequered grip. Inlaid pommel. Silver escuteon. UK Very good quality but missing parts.
1.NVN Photo 50g Flint lock Rifle. Addressed 'London' on barrel. 'J Blanch' on lock. Hammers in 'English Style'. 30 3/8" Barrel with 2 folding rear sights. Roller of frizen. Safety slide (missing). 'Waterproof' lock. 1815-20 Stacked arms on patchbox, sun burst, feather border some scroll. Pineapple finial on trigger plate. 50% Very dark wood, cheek piece, chequered wrist 13 1/2" SH with ornate pistol grip trigger guard. Engraved butt plate and patch box. UK 'Not best condition, some pitting, cracked stock'. Medium quality. Birmingham proof marks.
1.NVN Photo 21b Bar Action, Percussion Rifle. 4 Groove Rifling. 30" Hexigon Twist Barrel. Leaf sights to 150 yards. Set Trigger After 1848 Foliate 50% Figured 1/2 stock. Spur Trigger Guard UK Very good condition gun. Fully restored.
1.NVN   14b Bar Action. Percussion Rifle. 32" Twist Barrel with Graduated Sliding Sight. circa 1870 UK UK Half stock with patch box, buttplate. Chequered. UK Virtually full original colour hardening. Little Used
1.NVN Photo .577 Snider action rifle. 1865-1870 None 0% Plain 14 5/8" UK Unrestored
174 Photo .360  Back action centrefire hammer, side lever, non-ejector rook rifle. Damascus barrel with two rear sights, one folding. Front sight on dovetail.   Scroll 50% Figured stock. Cross bolt forend UK Very good condition. Unusual damascus barrel. Number is presumably that of the trade gunmaker.
1843 Photo 16b Percussion Rifle for Belted Ball.  32 1/2" Twist barrel. 2 groove rifling, Gold line breech and pierced platinum plug. Safety catch, Set trigger. J Blanch ( no Son) Gracechurch St address. 1826-48 (suggested 1840) Scroll &Game 100% Figured half stock, chequered grip, silver forend cap. UK Very attractive gun in restored condition.
1996 Photo 16b Bar Action Percussion Rifle, 2 groove rifling. 29 1/2" twist double barrel with 3 blade sights (2 folding). Faceted hammers. Vented platinum plugs. 'J Blanch' (no Son) on barrel. 1826-48 Bold Foliate with Stags on locks, trigger guard and butt plate tang. 100% Highly figured stock. Chequered at Wrist. 13 3/4". Engraved iron butt plate. 'Owl' escutcheon on upper side of hand. UK 'Fine Looking gun, cased with accessories. No '& Son' on address but Gracechurch St so dates 1826-1848
2261   17b Bar Action, Percussion Rifle. Set Trigger. Sliding Safetry Catch. 32" Twist Barrel with 2 Leaf Sights. UK Scroll UK Well figured 1/2 stock UK Pitted
4399 Photo 28b Back Action, Pinfire Double Rifle. 30" bold damascus. 4 folding leaf sights, 50-200 yds. Sling swivels. Double bite Jones rotary underlever. 1868-1887 Bold Foliate 100% Highly figured 14 3/8" SH with ornate pistol grip trigger guard. Engraved iron butt plate UK Very good condition. All action and furniture silver plated. Possibly not original.
4533 Photo 12b Back Action, Pinfire Double Rifle. 28" fine damascus barrels chambered 2 1/2". 5 groove rifling with 1/3 turn. 3 flip up sights 1,2 &300 yards. Double bite Jones rotary underlever. Cased with 4548 12b pinfire shotgun. SEE BREECH LOADING HAMMERGUN SECTION. 1868-87 Bold foliate with scroll panels 90% Well figured 14 1/4" SH with ornate trigger guard pistol grip. Engraved steel butt plate. Cross bolt forend. UK Very fine condition, 50% colour, most original blueing and browning and stock finish. Cased with 4548 12b pinfire shotgun. SEE BREECH LOADING HAMMERGUN SECTION and dedicated page via GUNS FOR SALE page.
4644   16b Converted .25 Rook Rifle. Back Action. Rotary Underleaver. 26" Damacus Twist Barrel with 11mm rib and Flip Sights. UK Bold Foliate UK Well Figured. Pistol Grip. 14 1/2". 7lb 4oz Odd gun.
15708R Photo 54b Adam'sPatent '1851 Model'. Self Cocking Percussion Revolver. Rigby Patent Rammer Circa 1855 Only address None Chequered Walnut Butt UK Much orginal finish. Good Condition.
10763 Photo .470 Webley patent falling bock rifle. 27" steel barrel with raised and folding rear sight. Barrel marked with ' .470 3 1/4" solid metal case. 75grs cordite 500 grs bullet.' Patent is no. 6365 of 1902. After 1902. Fine scroll 75% 15" well figured stock inc. rubber recoil pad. Pistol grip with engraved cap. Sling eyes. 10lb 2oz Almost all original finish. Beautiful gun.
13465 Photo 12b Back Action,  Double Rifle. 28 1/4" steel barrels smooth bored to 10 gauge, chambered 3 1/4". Sights removed. Raised filed rib. Bored 1/2 & 3/4. Percussion fences. Rotary underlever. UK Border   15" semi pistol figured 13lb 8oz Good condition conversion from 12b rifle to 10b shotgun. 60 Gracechurch St on Barrels.