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This web site is a free-to-view information resource published by, and for, those interested in guns by John Blanch & Son whose records were destroyed in the London blitz of 1942.

Although this web site has been published in the full knowledge of the registered owners of J Blanch and Son (Gun & Rifle Makers) Ltd, it does not purport to be their official web site.

We would stress that the opinions expressed within this web site are the personal views of the contributors and may not agree with those held by the owners of J Blanch and Son (Gun & Rifle Makers) Ltd.

To visit the web pages of J Blanch & Son Gunmakers, please click here.

I would like to thank Mr Derek Arnold of John Blanch and Son (Gun & Rifle Makers) Ltd; David Baker, author and gun historian; Bill Harriman, BASC Head of Firearms and the late Geoffrey Boothroyd who have in the recent and distant past all selflessly provided me with much background information and encouragement in my researches.

Last but not least I would like to thank the Internet Gun Club for permission to use their John Blanch and Son entry and furthermore supplied several of the trade label images in the History page.

All the information in this database has been collated from many sources and although we have made our best efforts to ensure its accuracy, we regret that we can not guarantee the veracity of the information contained.
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